Love adrenaline? Make sure you cover yourself with appropriate insurance

Most travel insurance plans do not cover extreme sports. Since each insurance company has its own definition of what an extreme and hobby sport is, it is important to ask the specific questions to find out if a particular activity is included, or not included, in the policy.

Many people traveling abroad enjoy some challenging or hobby sporting activity. As this activity naturally involves many risks, it is advised to extend PassportCard nomads insurance to also cover risks that characterize your challenging activity.

The extension to extreme and hobby sports refers to the insured’s activities as part of a hobby only, in one of the following activities:

Overland sports activities, including motoring: trekking, roller blades, skateboards, off road bikes, motocross, 4X4 off-road vehicles, sand surfing, go karting.

Water sports activities, including motoring: windsurfing, surfing, sailing, jet skiing, water skiing, rafting, kayaking, parasailing, wakeboarding, speedboating, scuba diving (1), windsurfing, boat tubing, kitesurfing.

Air sports activities, including motoring: sky diving (2), hot air ballooning, paramotoring, bungee.

Climbing sports activities, including motoring: rock climbing, mountaineering up to 6,000 meters and/or cliffs, wall climbing, ropes park.

(1) Recreational group scuba diving for certified divers or during recreational training.

(2) Recreational tandem skydiving or single skydiving for certified skydivers only.

This insurance is valid only if it was purchased by the insured and if it is explicitly stated on the insurance details page.